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TISD Extracurricular Discipline Management Plan

Trinity Independent School District Extracurricular Discipline Management Plan
1. Extracurricular Activities: General Provisions: What is an Extracurricular Activity?
  • Any UIL, school district, or campus-sponsored or related public performance, event, contest, demonstration, display, club, athletic event when either on or off campus 
  • Any elected offices and honors (such as student council, Beta Club, homecoming queen) 
  • All activities, which are those held in conjunction with a credit-bearing class, but that may take place outside of school and outside of the school day (such as band or choir.) 
  • All organizations such as Beta Club, FFA, FCCLA o Any activity held in conjunction with another activity that is considered to be an extracurricular activity (fundraiser, meeting, practice)
2. Jurisdiction Who is subject to the Extracurricular Discipline Management Plan? 
  • Any student who participates in one or more extracurricular activities is subject to the Extracurricular Discipline Management Plan. A student is subject to the plan from the time he or she is selected for, elected to, or otherwise joins an activity and continues to be subject to the plan from that point forward unless or until the student no longer participates in extracurricular activities. Participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege, not a right. When does the Extracurricular Discipline Management Plan apply? 
  • The privilege of representing Trinity ISD carries with it a greater responsibility to conduct oneself with respect and dignity, and to serve as a role model for all students. Consequently, extracurricular activity participants are expected to comply with the Extracurricular Discipline Management Plan at all times, regardless of location. This includes both on and off-campus conduct as well as evenings, weekends holidays, and summer vacation. The plan literally applies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
3. Conduct Expectations What is expected of Extracurricular Activity Participants? 
  • Trinity ISD retains the discretion to address student expectations for conduct even though the conduct may not be specifically included below. Participants in extracurricular activities are representatives of the district, and must conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on the district at all times. Specifically, they must: 
  • Comply with the rules of the district as stated in the code of conduct and student handbook. 
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs. Possession or use is prohibited. All students will participate in mandatory drug testing. o Avoid tobacco in any form (smoking, dipping, chewing, e-cigarettes). Possession or use is prohibited. 
  • Comply with directives. Insubordination and disrespect to coaches / sponsors / teachers may result in suspension from their team or organization. o Be responsible for use of all equipment and its return to the school in the best possible condition.
  • Travel to the activity / event with the team. Exceptions may be requested in writing or by direct verbal request from parents. Students may sign out with a parent only at the end of the event; otherwise they must travel home with the team. 
  • Meet and maintain eligibility requirements as mandated by the UIL or club and organization bylaws. 
  • Remove themselves from situations where prohibited activities are occurring. A student in attendance at an event / party which includes prohibited activities may be found in violation if he / she knowingly remains at a location / event where prohibited activities are occurring. What conduct is prohibited for extracurricular activity participants? 
  • Illegal possession, consumption, distribution, or sale of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or controlled substances. 
  • Violent or aggressive acts. 
  • Behavior that results in criminal charges by law enforcement. This includes any behavior that is verified as a violation of law.
  • Positive results from a mandatory drug test. A positive drug test will result in the assessment of a Strike. Conduct that results in the treatment of a drug test as positive (refusal to submit to a test, leaving campus after learning of selection for a drug test, tampering, etc.) will also result in the assessment of one Strike. Any subsequent positive test (or conduct treated as a positive test) will result in a second Strike, and the student will be subject to the consequences set forth in this plan.
Note: a positive test will count as a second Strike where a Strike already exists, even if the existing Strike had no relation to the drug-testing program. A Strike for drug testing cannot be removed by community service.  The Strike System Consequences for violating the conduct expectations of this plan will be assessed based on a system of Strikes.
Mandatory Self-Reporting: Students who engage in illegal or inappropriate activities that may result in criminal charges by law enforcement are required to report such incident verbally and in writing to school personnel (coach, sponsor, administrator) within five calendar days of the incident. Student participants who fail to self report and receive a first Strike because school officials have verified a violation of law will be subject to a double suspension (six weeks instead of three weeks.)
First Strike will result in the following: 
  • Conference, which may be a phone conference, with student, parent, or guardian, and appropriate coach / sponsor. o
  • Suspension from all extracurricular competition and events for three weeks from the date of the positive test result. o
  • Mandatory test during the next two cycles of random drug testing conducted.
Second Strike will result in the following: 
  • Suspension from all extracurricular programs for one calendar year from the date of the imposition of the second Strike. Students suspended from extracurricular activities under this policy shall not miss any required academic class related to the extracurricular activity. 
  • A student removed from participation in all extracurricular activities under this plan shall be provided in writing the reason for removal, the conditions of the removal, and information on availably of counseling if appropriate.
Third Strike will result in the following: 
  • Conference with administration, parents, and student to inform the student of all previous Strikes and violations o Immediate removal from all extracurricular activities for the duration of the student’s academic career at Trinity ISD.
Exception of Two-Strike Consequences:
  • When at least one of the Strikes is self-reported conduct where a student has two Strikes, but one or both of the Strikes is (are) for conduct which was timely self-reported, regardless if either Strike was required to be self-reported by the student, consequences of the second Strikes will be modified as set forth below: To be considered timely, the self-report must have been made within five school days after the misconduct occurred, and; 
  • Must not be made after the student has been notified of selection for a random drug test 
  • Must be made before such conduct has been learned of by the coach/sponsor/administrator 
  • Must not have involved the commission of a crime or major offense on school property, or at a school-sponsored event If the exception set out above applies, the consequences of the second Strike will be as follows; 
  • Removal from all extracurricular programs for a period of 30 school days to begin immediately or at the beginning of the sport/activity season, contests, or activities scheduled for one calendar year form the date of the imposition of the second Strike. An ineligible student (for academic or disciplinary reasons) will serve the suspension when eligibility is regained; 
  • If the second Strike was a result of a positive drug test, mandatory drug testing during the next six random testing periods; 
  • Remains on probation for one year from the date of the second Strike; 
  • 20 hours of approved community service; o Writing an acceptable 5000 word essay on the harmful effects of student behaviors The student will not be eligible for re-admittance until all of the foregoing has been completed. This exception may only be utilized one time during the student’s academic career at Trinity ISD. The director of the extracurricular program and high school principal will approve community service and essay. Student will remain on probation for one year from 2nd Strike, and a behavior plan will be enacted.
Procedures Students and parents must acknowledge that they have read, understand, and agree to abide by the Trinity ISD Extracurricular Management Plan; that they will be held accountable for the behavior expectations and consequences outlined in this plan; that by participating in extracurricular activities the student is a representative of Trinity ISD and a role model to his / her peers and throughout the community; that this plan governs behavior at all times, and applies to both on and off school property; that the behavior expectations of this plan are in addition to those included in the Trinity ISD Student Code of Conduct; and that violations of the behaviors standards of the Extracurricular Discipline Management Plan that are also violations of the Student Code of Conduct may result in my being disciplined under both the Extracurricular Discipline Management Plan and the Student Code of Conduct.
Who determines that a violation of the Extracurricular Discipline Management Plan has occurred?
  The activity sponsor or coach will determine whether a violation of the plan has occurred and will assess the appropriate consequence.
Is a student entitled to participate in extracurricular activities?
  No. Participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege, not a right. As such, a student’s participation may be revoked at the district’s discretion.
How will parents be notified that a violation of the plan has occurred?
  Parents will be notified of all violations that result in suspension from participation in extracurricular activities. The sponsor or coach will contact the student and the student’s parents via phone or face-to-face meeting within 5 school days from the time the activity sponsor or coach learns of the violation. At this time, the sponsor or coach will inform the parent and student that a violation has occurred, discuss with them the applicable consequences, and give the student an opportunity to respond to the allegations.
All appeals will be addressed through the Trinity ISD complaint process, contained in the Student Handbook. A decision of the Trinity ISD Board of Trustees regarding an extracurricular activity complaint is final and is not appealable.
Policy Revised 8/19/15